Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP)Evaluation 2013

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Note: For items that do not apply to your library's Summer Reading Program, please indicate "NA" for text or "0" for a numerical responses.
Dates for Programs:
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Young Adult Program End date:*
Adult Program Start date:*
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Did your library utilize the Collaborative Summer Library Program materials?* Yes
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Did you use any Ideas or Materials from the CSLP manuals? * Children
Early Literacy
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Comments about CSLP materials:
Did your library staff attend the NCKLS Summer Reading workshop?* Yes
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Was the workshop helpful in planning your programs?* Yes
If not helpful, why?
Comments about CSLP workshop:
How many participated in the reading portion of your CSLP program?
(Please count all participants regardless of recordkeeping method. Participation includes signed up, read or completed. Include preschool children in count.)
Number of Chldren:*
Number of Young Adult:*
Number of Adult:*
Number using Blind/Physically Handicapped (Talking Books) materials:*
Number of programs or activities specifically for:
Number Children's programs:*
Number YA programs:*
Number Adult programs:*
Total Attendance: (number at each program added together. Note: do not include accompanying adults at Children's programs or children at adult programs.)
Total number of Children attendance:*
Total number of YA attendance:*
Total number of Adult attendance:*
Your cost of materials :
(DO NOT include staff time or materials provided by the state/system)
Cost of materials from Upstart: $*
Cost of Other Materials: $*
Cost of Performers: $*
Donated prizes or materials:
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